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Why participate at #hwfw23.

As a hub for new ideas, #hwfw23 showcases new opportunities for everyone involved

Be part of the biggest health, wellness and fitness community

This is where decision-makers from throughout the world of fitness, up-and-coming entrepreneurs, trainers, healthcare professionals and members of the fitness community get together. Expose the brand to the fitness and wellness network and have the opportunity to meet other like minded businesses to connect with. 

Direct access to target market group

At the Health, Wellness & Fitness Week your business will have access to 100% targeted attendees. This enables potential lead generation, brand exposure and connecting with the community for growth. 

Selling of Product is welcome. Food sampling does require venue approval.

Unite at one of the largest show venues in a safe surrounding

The fitness industry is finally getting together in person again! And to ensure the health and well-being of everyone taking part, #hwfw23 features a comprehensive hygiene concept for everyone's safety when visiting the event. Modern visitor management systems and digital tools such as the eGuard app at the Exhibition Centre make it possible to avoid dense groups of people while maintaining anonymity.


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